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Dear Dad,

Do you remember how I told you on that October day in Vermont that I wanted to launch a jewelry brand? One where the designs came from my head, I’d sketch them onto paper and find someone to create what lives up here.

Well, I did it. Oh, and I named it for you. The “bow” comes from the second half of rainbow, the way you show up for me now that you’re gone. The “Brooklyn” is for where you were born and raised. I wish you were here to see it all, but then again, maybe you are. Love always, Courty Boo

For the girl who wants to live in her pieces and even pass them down for generations to come.

Inspired by simpler times

Inspired by simpler times

Bow & Brooklyn is a family affair, and while it was named after my dad, the line is also very Liz…chic, classy, effortless, timeless, and of course, the best quality. I’ve always loved the idea of a family heirloom (in the form of jewelry), but not everyone has pieces that have been passed down generation after generation.

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